Wen Chin Fu is a performance artist from Taiwan. She is interested in the relationship between sound and body behavior in a performative way. After graduating in classical music, she decides her study in ArtScience Interfaculty, The Royal Art Academy , Den Haag, Netherlands. Wen chin is currently lives in Den Haag, Netherlands.
Her performances explore the relationship between physical movement, sound and the environment. A key element of her practice is concentration, which opens the senses for perceiving things through new perspectives. She is currently member of Instrument Inventors Initiative, Von Nohrfeldt ensemble and Female effect collective.

graduated in Shih-Chien University ,Music Department, Taipei, Taiwan.
gratuated in The Royal Art Academy, ArtScience Interfaculty, Den Haag, Netherland



Montavoix, St. Claude, France
Bywood Artist village, Taiwan


bb15, Linz, Austria
Frac Franche-Comte, Besancon, France
Studio Loos, Den Haag, Netherlands


“Tang- sugar instrument”, Performance
OCCII, Amsterdam, Netherlands


“Tang -sugar instrument”, Performance
-No Patent Pending #15, Moks, Mooste, Estonia
-No Patent Pending #17 , Quartier, Den Haag
“Sounding Sugar Concert”, performance tour, Taiwan
-Nanhai Gallery, Taipei
-Co happening space, Taichung
-Bywood Artist Village, Kaohsiung

"La forêt qui m’habite m’a gardée en elle comme une ombre" performance collaborate with Marguerite Bobey
-Back to the trees festival, La Vieille-Loye, France

Spine Spinning, performance
-Performance Art festival, Den Haag
-Polymer, Taipei, Taiwan
-No Patent Pending #14, Kanepes Kulturas centrs, Riga, Latvia

“OHHO -body cello”, Performance
-Ule Heli festival, Tallinn, Estonia
-No Patent Pending #16, Third space , Helsinki, Finland

“STILL(the economy of waiting)”, Directed by Julian Hetzel, Performance
Theaterformen festival, Hannover, Germany

Von Nohrfeldt Ensemble
- Rewire festival , Den Haag
- Muziekgebouw aan t'ij, Amsterdam

"La forêt qui m’habite m’a gardée en elle comme une ombre" performance collaborate with Marguerite Bobey
INACT festival, Strasbourg, France

''Spine Spinning'', performance
- No Patent Pending #5, Signal Raum, Munich
- No Patent Pending #7, MOTA, Ljubljana
- No Patent Pending #8, Macao, Milan
- No Patent Pending #9, Nub, Prato
- Trails to Hear, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
- Centras festival, Kaunas, Lithuania
- Malonioji,Vilnius, Lithuania
- Steim, Amsterdam

"Ji ir Wen" performance collaborate with Ji Park
VMU Art Gallery „101”, Kaunas, Lithuania

"International Directing Theater Lab", Sound Design
-Russian Drama Theater,Vilnius, Lithuanian

''OHHO- body cello/self-made instrument'', performance
- iii at the Logos Tetrahedron, Logos Tetrahedron, Gent
- VMU Arts Gallery „101“, Kaunas, Lithuania
- In praise of shadow exhibition, TETEM, Enschede

"Raindrop in het kruithuis", site-specific installation
-November Music, Den Bosch

"spine spinning", performance
-Ephémère concert series, Loos studio, Den Haag
-Blikopner festival, Delft

"OHHO-body cello/self-made instrument", performance
-De Player, Rotterdam
-Schiume Festvial, Mestre, Italy
-November Music, Den Bosch

"the forest inside me kept me in it like a shadow", Performance/ collaborate with Marguerite Bobey
-Excentricités 4, Besançon, France

iii- instrument inventor initiative
- "No Patent Pending #2", Steim Residency, Amsterdam
- "No Patent Pending #3", Het Nutshuis, Den Haag

"Hui-Mo-Ri" for Friction Plate, composed by Ji Youn Kang, Sonolab project
- Gaudeamus musik Week, Rasa, Utrecht
- Sounding Sculpture, Korzo, Den Haag

"Female Effect" project, performance
-Theater de Regentes, Den Haag, Netherlands
-Iglesia de la Magdalena, Cordoba, Spain
-10 Festival de Musica Espanola de Cadiz 2012, Cadiz, Spain

"Notesaaz and Cello- The String Duet", Performance
Collaborate with Erfan Abdi, Loos Studio, Den Haag

"Hui-Mo-Ri" for Friction Plate and Computer, performance
Collaborate with composer Ji Youn Kang and percussionist Mei Yi Lee, Loos Studio, Den Haag

"Silent intruder", sound installation
Park in Progress residency, Nottingham

"vibrate environment" ,installation
Material Matters exhibition, Villa K, Den Haag

"Duo", performance/ collaborate with deadfishfuck
Masqurade 2012, Villa K, Den Haag

"Light Part", performance
Roboduck festival 2012, ADM, Amsterdam

"OHHO-body cello/self-made instrument", performance
-Lighthouse festival, Korzo Theater, Den Haag, Netherlands
-Wonderwerp concert series, Loos studio, Den Haag, Netherlands
-Instrument inventors initiative, Q-O2, Brussels, Belgium

"TRIO" Conecrt, performance
Stichting Centrum-Villa K, Den Haag, Netherlands

Either/Or Quartet, performance
Free Improvisation- Wonderwerp concert series, Loos Studio, Den Haag, Netherlands


Either/Or Quartet
Performance in TryTone festival, Zaal 100, Amsterdam

"Jijh Chiang/Paper Wall", performance
Eavesdropping project, Stichting Centrum, Den Haag

"Post Human Garden" sound installation
Collaborate with Maria Rebecca Ballestra, Villa Groce Museum of Contemporary Art, Genova, Italy

"The Nine" Jazz and electronic concert in Burkina Faso. Invited by Taiwanese Embassy in Burkina Faso, Performed with group Kalyanga and Bil Aka Kora. Reemdoogo JM., Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

"Silent rhythm" movement sound performance.
directing and performing in "Masquerade" event, VillaKabila, Den Haag, Netherlands

"Light, Sound Body" Image and New instrument performance. Invited by Loos Studio, Den Haag, Netherlands.Collaborating with Nenad Popov, Performed in Loos Studio, Den Haag, Netherlands. Link to youtube

"Trio" Site-specific improvised music performance
Performed with Nicolau Lefeta, Marie Guilleray in Villakabila, Den Haag, Netherlands

"Apocalypses" Music theater
Performed with chamber orchestra, archaic narrator, paper-puppets and heretic dancers in De Eeuwigheid, Amsterdam

"The Identifier" experimental theater performance
Preforming and directing in Centrum gallery, Den Haag, Netherlands
Link to youtube

Performing in festival in Marken Island, Amsterdam. Working with Dutch artist Cocky Eek

" 人 Ren" experimental theater performance
Directing and performing in The Royal Art Academy, Den Haag, Netherlands

" Centrum Sound" a sound event with 11 musicians
Directing and performing in Stichting Centrum,Den Haag, Netherlands
Visit stichtingcentrum

"FILTER" video installation
collaborate with Rebecca Ballestra. Presenting in Moscow Young Art Biennale, Moscow, Russia
Link to youtube

"Sound Movement" workshop, Contemporary Art Day in Italy event
lead the workshop which Invited by Archeology museum , Ventimiglia, Italy

"cello solo" live performance
                            performing in " Avondje Alles" event, Zeebelt thetaer, Den Haag, Netherlands

"Transit Landscape" live performance
Performed with Thijs Elich in STRP festival, Eindhoven, Netherlands

"Ma- the gap between time" experimental theater
Directing and performed in The Royal Art Academy, Den Haag, Netherlands
Link to youtube

" Apokalypsis" theater piece, ADM group
Improvise music with 7 musicians, ADM, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Casablanca 2064" photograph
Sound composed. Copenhagen, Denmark

"Something Here That Is Not There" Improvise music performance with dancers collaborate with psychiatric institution
performed in Runaway house for Women, Utrecht. Theater de Musketon, Utrecht.

" Le Poeme Electronique" Electronic theater
Sound composed and arranged. Theater school Selma Susanna, Amsterdam

"local-globle" Sound Installation
Collaborate with Nanda Milbreta, Dann Johan, Nenad Popov, in Singhur Gallery, Berlin, Germany

"Contemporary art in holland" lecture, Taipei
lecture in Center for Art and Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan

"I'albero sonoro" sound installation
Sound composed for the installation. Collaborate with Rebecca Ballestra, exhibited in Incontri Arte Giovane museum, Genova, Italy

"WinLab festival" dance workshop
Performing improvised music with 8 musicians. collaborate with choreographer Kiriste Simpson, London, England

"where" experimental theater
Performed in ASIF festival, Den haag, Netherlands

"wen chi is catholic" video installation
composed and performed in the video. Collaborate with photographer Rebecca Ballestra. exhibition in Fair Diva video festival and Videoappart festival, Paris.

[portfolio in Chinese]

生於高雄, 台灣. 自2006年起旅居荷蘭

畢業於台南家專音樂系, 實踐大學音樂系 , 荷蘭海牙皇家音樂藝術學院,藝術科學系

2005 年開始與舞蹈家Kirstie Simpson 合作即興舞蹈. 之後與古名伸舞團, 綠光劇團合作並於2006年赴荷蘭進修聲音表演創作.


"The Nine"
建國一百年文化交流音樂會, 與台灣, 布魯塞爾及當地樂手合作演出. 布幾那法索,非洲

"Silent Rhythm"
聲音肢體表演. 負責創作及表演. 於VillaKabila演出, 海牙, 荷蘭

"LIght, Sound Body"
實驗性影像聲音作品. 與 Nenad Popov 合作. 應邀於LOOS Studio演出, 海牙. 荷蘭

"Post Human Garden"聲音影像裝置作品
與義大利藝術家Rebecca Ballestra合作. 在Genova當代美術館展出,Genova, Italy


實驗劇場作品首演於 Centrum Gallery, 海牙, 荷蘭

聲音裝置作品. 與Rebecca Ballestra 合作於莫斯科Young Art 雙年展展出

"Centrum Sound"
企劃和邀請十一位音樂家合作聲音創作於Centrum Gallery,海牙 演出

"Sound and Movement"
應邀於 "Contemporary Art Day" Ventimiglia, Italy 帶領工作坊

"Transient landscpae"
應邀於STRP festival, Eindhoven 參與演出


與阿姆斯特丹ADM劇場合作. 負責聲音創作與即興演奏

"Ma- the gap between time"

"Le Poeme Electronique"
於 阿姆斯特丹 Selma Susanna 劇場首演 .負責電子聲音創作

"Local - Globe"
聲音裝置作品於柏林聲音空間 Singhur Gallery 展演.



"I'albero sonoro"
聲音裝置作品與Rebecca Ballestra合作 於 In Contri Goivane, Genova, Italy 展出. 負責聲音創作

Winlab festival,London
與英國舞蹈家Kirsite Simpson 合作一個禮拜的工作坊以及表演

劇場作品首演於 Vrije Academy, Den Haag, Netherlands


" wen chi is catholic"
影像裝置作品於巴黎 Fair Diva video Festival , Videoapprt festival 與義大利藝術家Rebecca Ballestra 合作 . 負責作曲和編曲.