I'm an artist from Taiwan. In 2006, I graduated from the Classical Music Department of Shih Chien University, Taipei and moved to Holland. I graduated at the ArtScience interfaculty in 2010 and Muziektheater study in 2018 of Den Haag Conservatory. I've been playing cello and piano with ensembles and theater groups. During the period of performing, I found my interest in exploring the relationship between physical movement, sound and the environment. Since then, I develop instrument to experiment various possibilities of performing gesture, i.e, Body Cello, Spine Spinning. Furthermore, new auditory possibilities within materials, i.e, Tang – instrument made of sugar. A key element of my practice is concentration, which opens the senses for perceiving things through new perspectives.
I presented works at Singuhr Hoergalerie, Berl in (DE), Moscow Young Art Biennale (RU), The Nine, Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) , Lighthouse festival , Den Haag (NL) , STRP festival , Eindhoven (NL) , World Event Young Artists festival , Nottingham (UK) , Videoappart festival, Paris (FR) . I'm currently a member of Instrument Inventors Initiative and Rutger Muller Trio.

graduated in Shih-Chien University ,Music Department, Taipei, Taiwan.
gratuated in The Royal Art Academy, ArtScience Interfaculty, Den Haag, Netherland
gratuated in The Royal Conservatory, Muziektheater, Den Haag, Netherlands

Nida Art Colony, Lithuania
Montavoix, St. Claude, France
Bywood Artist village, Taiwan
bb15, Linz, Austria
Frac Franche-Comte, Besancon, France
Studio Loos, Den Haag, Netherlands