Either/Or quartet

Marie Guilleray (voice), Wen Chin Fu (cello), Nicolau Lafeta (trumpet), and Rodrigo Parejo (flute) have been working on developping improvisations through two main axis : an exploration of different combinations of their unsual instrumentation (solo, duets, trios and quartets), and some experiments with sound and space, by exploring the accoustic properties of the space in which they play – among others, Centrum Space The Hague (september 2010), Villa Ockhenburg (october 2010), basement of the Villa Kabilla (june 2011), Trytone festival, Zaal 100(Nov 2011). The quartet works across musical boundaries, all musicians sharing the improvisational space on an equal basis.

The live performance was recorded at New Sounds of Jazz concert series in Zaal 100, Amsterdam
voice-Marie Guilleray
cello-wen chin Fu
flute- Rodrigo Parejo
Trumpet- Felicity Provan