Inner Game
collaborate with Maria-Rebecca Ballestra(IT) , commissioned by project Labrys , Gorizia, Italy 2017

The project is about labyrinth. From Western to Eastern mythology, uncountable metaphors relate to labyrinth, it's a way in -way out , or simply got lost in it. "Inner game" is the first labyrinth of the project Labrys in Gorizia.

Inner game is a labyrinth inspired by Chinese symbol Baqua. Baqua is formed with symbol of Yan and Yin. It is used for military strategic ,fortune telling, Feng Shui to everyday life. All the symbols are interrelated and it represents the fundamental nature of reality. The wide range of applications made Baqua a suitable idea of labyrinth in the mental health institute Parco Basaglia.
F.Basaglia was an important psychiatrist in Italy who provoked the idea that mental hospital should not have walls. Treat mental illness patients as patients is inappropriate. In Parco Basaglia, no walls were built around the institute, everyone can enter and leave freely.

The rule of "inner game" labyrinth is the same, you are free to stay inside or leave with the touch of your finger in the labyrinth anytime. The composition is separated into 8 different routes/tracks. In each route, a hidden bell sound with boy's counting can be heard/found. It's an individual experience. Find your mental states inside the free space.

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