//17.10.2017 Sounding Sugar performance, STUK, Leuven, Belgium

//10.10-03.11.2017 "Inner Game" exhibition, Parco Basaglia, Gorizia, Italy

//05.10.2017 "How to Defend Yourself from Danger" music theater, Korzo theater, Den haag

//04.10.2017 R.Muller Trio , Flip series #1, Villa K, Den haag

//22.09.2017 "How to Defend Yourself from Danger" music theater, Studio, Scheltema theater, Leiden

//07.05.2017 Sounding Sugar #2, Grondwater festival 3, Den Haag

//03.05.2017 The White Noise Orchestra, Dokzaal, Amsteram

//07.04.2017 In the head of Bart van der Leck music theater, Spring festival, Den Haag Conservatory

//27.03.2017 Oorsprong curator series, Plantagedok, Amsterdam

//10.03.2017 Sounding Sugar #2 performance, Quatair, Den Haag

//03-10.03.2017 De Stijl#1 performance, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

//23.02.2017 iii performance in Sound of Silence festival, Den Haag

//02.05.2017 Sounding Sugar #2 performance, Spektrum, Berlin

//16.12.2016 Cello and Notesaaz: a string duet, De vinger, Den Haag

//07.12.2016 TWNO, OT301, Amsterdam

//19.11.2016 Sarkaragrphy, Winterwolven festival, Rotterdam

//20.10.2016 All strings Night, Dokzaal, Amsterdam

//15.10.2016 Spine Spinning, No patent Pending#25, Den Haag

//25.09.2016 Sounding sugar performance, Kommunal kunst og Teknik, Copenhagen

//24-26.06.2016 Hoogtij #45 , Noordwal, Den Haag

//15.06.2016 performance with Miri Lee and Ana Leonor Ladas, Instant Music Day at Zaal100, Amsterdam

//12.06.2016 Sounding sugar presentation, Glass house in Amstelpark, Amsterdam

//11.06.2016 "the forest inside me keeps me like a shadow" Performance with Marguerite Bobey (FR) , Alliance Française Rotterdam

//01.04.- 30.05.2016 Artist residency in Nida Art Colony, Lithuania

//17.03.2016 Sounding Sugar at Pletterij, Haarlem

//16.01.2015 Sounding sugar- Tang performance at OCCII, Amsterdam

//19.12.2015 - 31.01.2015 "In praise of shadows" iii group exhibition, SinPin Gallery, Kaoshiung, Taiwan

//08.12.2015 Sounding Sugar - Tang performance at Quartair Gallery, Den Haag

//29.11.2015 Trio Von Nohrfeldt/Josephine Bode/Wen Chin Fu perform at The instrument room,Amsterdam

//22.11.2015 Trio Von Nohrfeldt/JOsephine Bode/ Wen Chin Fu perform at LE MINI WHO? 2015,Utrecht
//07.11.2015 Sounding Sugar presentation at VLO festival, Den Haag

//22.10.2015 Performance OHHO body cello at Üle Heli festival, Tallinn, Estonia

//16.10.2015 - 30.10.2015 iii collective tour

16.10.2015 No Patent Pending #14 at Kanepes Kulturas Centrs, Riga, Latvia
24.10.2015 No Patent Pending #15 at MoKS, Mooste, Estonia
30.10.2015 No Patent Pending #16 at Third Space, Helsinki, Finland

//12.10.2015 - 29.10.2015 Residency at MoKS, Estonia

//26.09.2015 Performance with Lucas Kastelijn at Willem II Fabriek, Den Bosch Museum Night

//21.09.2015 Performance with Manuela Tessi and Ivan Babinchak at Oorsprong curator series, Amsterdam

//09.08.2015 - 15.08.2015 Sounding Sugar performance tour

09.08.2015 Nanhai Gallery 南海藝廊, Taipei 台北,Taiwan
13.08.2015 Happening co-worker space 好伴駐創空間, Taichung 台中, Taiwan
15.08.2015 Bywood Artist Village 白屋藝術村, Kaohsiung 高雄, Taiwan

support by Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

//02 - 12. 07. 2015 STILL(The economy of waiting), Theaterformen festival, Hannover, Germany

//27.06.2015 Performance " A forest inside me keeps me like a shadow" in Back to the trees festival, La Vieille-Loye, France

//12.06.2015 performance at De Player , Rotterdam

//13.04.15 - 13.05.15 Residency at Bywood artist village 白屋藝術村 with Mariska de Groot

//07.03.15 Spine Spinning/ performance art festival Hague

//23.02.15 Oorsprong curators series/ Oorsprong, Amsterdam

//09.02.15 - 20.02.15 Residency at Montavoix with Marguerite Bobey

supported by Stroom Den Haag

//19.12.14 Von Nohrfeldt/ Muziekgebouw,Amsterdam, Netherlands

//04-06.12.14 Spine Spinning/ No Patent Pending #11, Steim, Amsterdam, Netherlands

//28.11.14 Spine Spinning/ Studio Loos Wonderwerp Series,Den Haag, Netherlands

//07.11.14 Von Nohrfeldt / Rewire Festival, Den Haag, Netherlands

//20.10.14 - 27.10.14 iii collective tour

21.10.14 Spektrum,Berlin,Germany
23-24.10.14 Centras,Kaunas,Lithuania
25.10.14 Malonioji,Vilnius, Lithuania

Supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten

//29.10.14-16.11.14 OHHO/body cello, In praise of shadow exhibition, TETEM, Enschede