2023.7.14 - 9.14 Installation "Sounding Sugar Playground - Sugar factory" exhibit at Homberg(Efze), Germany

2023.5 Klankbeelde performance at Paper gallery Den Haag
2023.4. Lost in Meditation at Muziekgebouw with Rutger Muller and Dodo Kis

2022.6 Film "la mort l'amour" premier (music arragnement and record)
2022.5.5 Sugar Playground at Siao-Long Cultural Park, Tainan, Taiwan
2022.5.5 PANT Public #7 - Taiwan at Siao-Long Cultural Park, Tainan, Taiwan
2022.5.14 Sugar workshop at Science Museum , Taipei, Taiwan
2022.5.14 PANT Public #7 - Taiwan at Science Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

09.09 - 26.09.2021 Tang at A state of Amplitude exhibition, Quartair Gallery, Den Haag

24.09.2021 Performing at Camera Japan Film Festival , Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam

25.09.2021 Curated program Raw Dates #5 at iii workspace, Den Haag

26.09.2021 Closing performance at A state of Amplitude exhibition

12.09 Culinary sound project at Gaudeamus festvial

12.09.2021 Forest Phantoms by Barbara Ellison at Rewire festival (curated program)

26.08 Culinary sound project at De helling, Utrecht

25.07.2021 Octopus ensemble performance, iii worksapce, Den Haag

18.03.2021 perform with Rutger Muller ensemble at Tivoli, Utrecht

25.04.2021 Musik Theater Positionen conference , HELLERAU, Dresden (online)

18-26.01.2021 perform at "Guilty Landscape" by Dries Verhoeven, Mil Festival, Santiago, Chili

14.10.2020 -11.01.2021 Until presence rises, Audiosphere exhibition, Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid

04.12.2020 Thinking materials in sound and environment artist talk, Sonic Ecology conference, Hongkong

18.10.2020 PANT Public #3, iii workspace, Den Haag

07.10.2020 Raw Dates #2, iii workspace, Den Haag

02.09.2020 Raw Dates #1, iii workspace, Den Haag

19.04.2020 PANT Public #2 "What is the present of foreign artists?" , iii workspace, Den Haag (curator)

05.04.2020 Bos Wakker #1 forest Phantoms, Haagse Bos, part of Rewire festival program (postpond)

02.04.2020 - 11.04.2020 Sugar installation at "A State of Amplitude" exhibition, Quarter Gallery, Den Haag (postpond)

20.12.2019 Golf festival, Haarlem

16.12.2019 All strings night, the ruimte, Amsterdam

15-25.11.2019 Ziguzajg festival, Valleta, Malta

8-9.11.2019 Hubs Immersive festival, Den Haag

6.11.2019 performance at Festival for the Earth, Monaco

16-20.09. 2019 hozz il-Hsejjes clay instrument performance workshop, THe Mill, Malta

15.09.2019 PANT public #1 , iii workspace , Den Haag

13.09.2019 Divided Loyalties Hubs Exchange presentation, iii workspace, Den Haag

24-29. 08. 2019 hozz il-hsejjes clay instrument making workshop, The Mill, Malta

Opera " Job"

Try-Out (di) 19 feb 20.30
Première (wo) 20 feb 20.30
Voorstelling (vr) 22 feb 20.30
Voorstelling (zat) 23 feb 20.30
Matinee (zon) 24 feb 15.00
Locatie: Scheltema Leiden, Marktsteeg 1, Leiden.