Silent Intruder

This project attempts to reveal the soundscape inside and outside the Nottingham castle ground. In the history of Nottingham castle, there are different intruders invade the castle. The castle was built with stones and lots underground tunnels in order to defense or escape from the intruders.
I imagined some intruders move closer to the castle, the footstep, conversation and tension create an uncertain feeling which make people aware and wonder of their environment. The intruders can be any human or animals as the underground tunnels link to the famous Sherwood forest.
During the exhibition, visitors were welcome to sit on the bench facing the castle and listen to three sound tracks which elaborate few sceneries recorded in Nottingham castle. There were few vibrators attached underneath the bench. The vibration attempted to reveal a feeling of intruder's existence.

-Nottingham Castle Grounds, 2'36''

-a talking tour in Nottingham Castle's zig-zag tunnels, 44'51''

-A swinging swing in Nottingham Castle's playground, 0'58''