Sounding Sugar Instrument - Sugar Factory

Sounding Sugar Playground - Sugar factory
Wen Chin Fu (NL/TW)

This installation draws inspiration from the project ZUCKER:ERBEN artist residency in Homburg. It seeks to bridge the gap between the rich heritage of the ancestral farm house, the meandering country road, the modern sugar factory and heartwarming inhabitants, stimulating the artist's imagination to create a participatory human-machine sugar factory. In this installation, machines play a crucial role in sustaining the factory's operations, while humans bring an additional layer of meaning to the machinery. As the rotating machine generates diverse sounds from the sugar instrument, visitors are encouraged to interact with one part of the sugar instrument amidst two structures. Humans serve as the connecting link, and through this installation, we aspire to cultivate a deeper sense of attentive listening, making it accessible to all.

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